International Youth Orchestra at Tokyo College of Music

Information Session via Zoom
オンライン説明会 (Zoom)
Now planning on November, 2021
Admission: Free (reservations not required)
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Due to the spread of Covid-19, we have decided to postpone the IYO at TCM scheduled for September 2021 to January 2022.
You can download the revised application guidelines ⇒How to Apply
The contents are subject to change depending on the infection status of Covid-19.
新型コロナウイルス感染症の感染拡大を受け、 2021年9月に予定していた東京音楽大学国際青少年オーケストラ(IYO)の開講を2022年1月に延期することとなりました。
改訂版の募集要項はHow to Applyページからダウンロードしていただけます。なお、今後の感染状況により内容が変更となる場合もありますので、ご了承ください。

A new ensemble to bring youth together from all nationalities in Tokyo

The Tokyo College of Music International Youth Orchestra (IYO at TCM) is a performing ensemble of students, aged 12-18, from any nationality. The orchestra aims to provide the opportunity for young musicians to study and perform symphonic works at a high level.
東京音楽大学国際青少年オーケストラ(IYO at TCM)は、国籍を問わず、12~18歳の学生が一緒になって演奏を行います。

A Shared Experience
Gathering students from all over the Kanto area in international schools, private schools and public schools, the International Youth Orchestra aims to develop a shared understanding between young people from different countries, through social and musical interaction.
IYO at TCMは、首都圏在住の中高生を対象としており、国籍や通っている学校は一切問いません。

The orchestra also aims to develop young musicians who may seek a careers in music and nurture a love of classical music that will continue throughout their lives.
We hope to engage the public, the parents and corporate sponsors with like minded goals as partners in nurturing today's youth.

The orchestra will be run through the Conducting Department at Tokyo College of Music, ensuring a high quality and standard of instruction will be attained and that every student will have an opportunity within the orchestra.
IYO at TCMは、東京音楽大学指揮部会が主幹となって運営する大学の事業です。


Welcome to IYO at TCM!!

Message from the Chairman TCM, Kenichiro Maruyama and the Former Chairman and Advisor and Advisor to the Board, Katsutoshi Suzuki
The pursuit of art is always a noble cause and one that should be admired and praised. It is our hope that those who partake in the International Youth Orchestra, gain experience, admiration, praise while creating friendships and having fun.

東京音楽大学理事長 丸山恵一郎
東京音楽大学顧問 鈴木勝利

Junichi Hirokami, Conducting Department Chair, Chief Conductor, City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra
The most precious resource that every society has, is its youth. To be able to advise, sculpt, educate, mold today’s youths is an honor that we take seriously. It is my hope that we all can become part of something truly exceptional with an experience that will last a lifetime.

東京音楽大学教授 広上淳一


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